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How This Blog is Hosted

As the inaugural post it seems like a good idea to describe how I host this blog.

Right now - April 2023 - this blog is being served from the Kubernetes cluster slowly heating my house from the basement.

title: Network Flow

flowchart TB
    subgraph Internet
    You-- HTTPS -->Router
    subgraph My Network
        Router[Router]--Port forwarding-->MetalLB[MetalLB IP]
        MetalLB--Send traffic to Traefik Entrypoint-->Traefik[Traefik Service]
        Traefik--Send traffic to Kubernetes Service-->WebServer[Web Server]

Right now my cluster isn’t super impressive - I’ll go into detail in a future blog post on how and why I’m running it, but the quick summary is:

  • 2 Dell servers - one R610 and one R730 - running Rocky Linux
  • 10Gib networking
  • Kubernetes provisioned with Ansible via Kubeadm

This set up is of course wildly overcomplicated and frankly just pointless compared to nginx on a Raspberry Pi or using GitHub Pages, but I had the cluster lying around so why not.